5 Cloud Computing Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

January 10th, 2018

Cloud computing is all the craze now because of the many advantages it offers, particularly in storing and retrieving data. If you’re still not fully utilizing the cloud in your school or business, you better get started now. Here are five cloud computing forecasts from tech experts for 2018.

  1. According to Founder and CEO Marty Puranik, the Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to grow. Cloud computing will be utilized to simplify complex systems in the IoT thereby letting people interact more easily with every device.
  2. Improvement in Internet quality will also be felt with the rise of the 5G network, Puranik adds. This will allow people to access online systems and cloud applications faster and more efficiently.
  3. As forecasted by Chris Pentago of, cloud storage capacity will increase, allowing more data to be stored securely in the cloud.
  4. Cisco predicts that 78% of workloads will now be processed through cloud data centers, leaving 22% of the workload to traditional data servers.
  5. Aside from company use, cloud storage will also be utilized for personal storage rather than local servers according to Cisco.

With all these forecasts, it’s safe to say that cloud computing is ever-growing as time goes by compelling more and more companies to utilize cloud services for their business.

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