21st-century teaching

3 signs you’re ready for 21st-century teaching

January 10th, 2018

Change is the only thing constant in this world and there’s no exception to be found in education. But how prepared are you for the challenges of 21st-century teaching? Here are three signs to know that you’re 21st-century-learning ready.

The idea of a digital classroom doesn’t make you say “huh?”

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You know exactly how to utilize technology in the classroom. You’re not worried about balancing learning management and student-teacher relationship because you’re familiar with the tools that make learning management easier, smarter, and better.

Lesson preparation is a piece of cake for you


Who enters a class unprepared? Nope, not you, of course! You can sleep soundly knowing that you’re always well-prepared for your next class because you have the right tools to help you with your lesson preparations.

You’re updated about the latest trends in the education scene


You are always in-the-know about anything related to education, be it a new curriculum design, a new challenge, or the latest trends. Why? Because you’re committed to a lifetime of learning and you always seek new ways to develop your teaching capabilities.

If you can relate to each of these signs, congratulations! You’re the stuff teachers of the future are made of. If these signs make you shake your head though, don’t worry because there are a lot of tools and services that can help you gear up for the challenges of 21st-century education.

Vibal integrates education and technology to help teachers and students keep up with the current demands of education. Vibal’s edtech systems, such as V-Smart and Teacher Portal, make learning management uncomplicated with features to create exams, send and receive assignments, encode grades, and deploy exams.

As a PRC-accredited CPD Provider for professional teachers, Vibal also offers high-quality CPD training and learning programs that help cater to the ever-changing needs of the new generation of learners.

For more details about Vibal’s V-Smart, Teacher Portal, and CPD Program, shoot us an e-mail at customercare@vibalgroup.com.

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