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Vibal Goes Higher with New Higher Ed Textbooks

March 19th, 2018

For over six decades now, Vibal Group has been one of the frontrunners in education publishing. Today, the company continues to fulfill its mission to provide quality textbooks for Filipino students with the release of higher education textbooks for the first time.

Following the implementation of the K to 12 curriculum, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) released Memorandum Order No. 20, declaring the revision of the General Education Curriculum (GEC), given that most of the general courses for college students are now offered to senior high school students.

With the ongoing shift in the education landscape brought about by the implementation of the K to 12 curriculum and CHED’s Revised GEC Memo, the need for reference materials that comply with the national standards heightened, prompting Vibal to create textbooks for college students.

Distinguished persons with exceptional credentials in education, experience, and affiliation—including the likes of historian, educator, and playwright Dr. Paul Dumol and philosophy professor Dr. Ma. Liza Ruth Ocampo—were tapped to develop content for each textbook.

In addition to CHED’s requirements, the content is enriched with supplementary lesson components such as the marginalia that features additional information, readings, and links that aid students in understanding the lessons.

“The CHED syllabus is just our minimum requisite,” Managing Editor Maria Rowena Angeles said, “we ensure that each book goes beyond the requirement to match both national and international standards.”

With six new titles for both core and elective courses, this series aims to bridge the gap between theory and application in order to mold skilled and well-rounded future professionals.

Art Appreciation

Understanding, Valuing, and Living Art: Art Appreciation for College

Author: Rene B. Javellana, SJ

Subject: Art Appreciation/Core

Understanding, Valuing, and Living Art: Art Appreciation for College is guided in its design and execution by the Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) Outcomes-based Education (OBE). This book fosters an understanding that involves being able to determine the valuable, the factual, and the debatable in art conversations, leading to a true appreciation of the arts in the contemporary society.

  • Promotes art education with measurable outcomes
  • Includes marginal notations and navigational tools to help in going through each chapter
  • Features a review of key concepts to guide students towards the mastery of the course

The Nation as Project

The Nation as Project: A New Reading of Jose Rizal’s Life and Works

Authors: Dr. Paul A. Dumol and Dr. Clement C. Camposano

Subject: Rizal/Core

The Nation as Project: A New Reading of Jose Rizal’s Life and Works aims to be a comprehensive resource giving teachers the materials and information they need on the life and works of Jose Rizal and allows them to pick and choose depending on which aspect of Rizal they mean to focus on in their teachings throughout the course. From poetry, essays, books, and even Rizal’s iconic Noli and Fili, to a timeline of the most significant events of his life, The Nation as Project provides the essentials as well as commentaries on these events and pieces.

  • Gives sample commentaries and interpretations of chapters for both Noli and Fili
  • Features a timeline that outlines the most significant events in Rizal’s life
  • Provides students with necessary links, images, and study tips to further enhance their understanding of Jose Rizal

Unraveling the Past

Unraveling the Past: Readings in Philippine History

Authors: Dr. Maria Luisa T. Camagay, Jopol Alvin C. Ancheta, Michael S. Bernal, Francisco Jayme Paolo A. Guiang, Francis Justine M. Malban, and Dondy Pepito G. Ramos II

Subject: Readings in Philippine History/Core

Unraveling the Past: Readings in Philippine History lets students journey through the nation’s history using first-hand accounts as the lens through which history is studied. It employs primary sources alongside the secondary along with iconic images from the past in order to provide students a more comprehensive and engaging view of the events that shaped the nation. Unraveling the Past encourages Filipino students to look at this nation’s rich past from a more critical viewpoint by taking into account the narratives of its witnesses.

  • Uses primary sources in order to give students a well-rounded view of history
  • Includes study aids which contain additional information and visuals to assist in student learning
  • Recommends further study by way of reading lists after each chapter directed towards a holistic study of history

Journeys through Our Contemporary World

Journeys through Our Contemporary World

Author: Dr. David Michael M. San Juan

Subject: Contemporary World/Core

Journeys through Our Contemporary World presents up-to-date information that aims to help students examine, analyze, and understand globalization and its many implications. It employs a multidisciplinary approach to examine and explain the concepts and issues connected to globalization and its impact on individuals, communities, and nations. It seeks to expand students’ worldview, especially today when interconnectedness is most relevant and valued.

  • Replete with up-to-date information on important concepts, current trends, and influential personalities on the global stage
  • Employs marginalia with helpful additional information, critical-thinking questions, links, and more
  • Utilizes group activities and traditional assessment methods to challenge the students and measure their learning

Ethics Primer

Ethics Primer: A Young Person’s Guide to Moral Reasoning

Author: Dr. Ma. Liza Ruth Ocampo

Subject: Ethics/Core

Ethics Primer: A Young Person’s Guide to Moral Reasoning is designed to introduce young persons to fundamental concepts that constitute the good and ethical life and build students’ lives within the overarching principles of the true, the good, and the beautiful. This book aims to transform students into rational individuals who act in accordance with moral principles and lead students into the pathways to happiness and freedom.

  • Provides moral-ethical guidelines for the good and happy life
  • Stresses the highest ethical calling—use our freedom to reach the level of flourishing that always strives for excellence
  • Includes additional information on the topics, as well as additional online learning resources such as videos and e-books

Environmental Science

Environmental Science: Towards a Sustainable Earth

Authors: Dr. Ruth S. Guzman and Ruth Marian G. Genuino

Subject: Environmental Science/Elective

Environmental Science: Towards a Sustainable Earth encompasses environmental biology and ecology in relation to the effects of human intervention on the environment and the ecosystem. The book approaches the course with a holistic and updated presentation of environmental science that is easy for the students to grasp and contextualize. Each unit is directed in a way that each contributes in improving learners’ knowledge to achieve environmental sustainability.

  • Features environmental principles and ecological concepts, as well as global and national environmental issues
  • Guides students in initiating solutions for the prevailing environmental problems
  • Features marginal notes to aid students in reading and understanding each lesson

Textbooks for the following subjects are now under development and will be added to the series soon.

  • Understanding the Self
  • Mathematics in the Modern World
  • Purposive Communication
  • Science, Technology, and Society
  • Economics
  • People and Earth’s Ecosystems
  • Human Reproduction
  • Living in the IT Era
  • Religions, Religious Experiences, and Spirituality
  • Philippine Indigenous Communities
  • Gender and Society
  • The Entrepreneurial Mind
  • Philippine Pop Culture
  • Indigenous Creative Crafts
  • Reading Visual Art

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