5 Cool Things to Learn this Summer

May 17th, 2018

Tired of your daily summer break routine? Get up because here are five things to learn that will surely make your summer cooler.

summer classes

If you’re a foodie, this might be the skill you “knead.” Excuse the pun. Well, seriously though, why don’t you try baking? It would really be fun to fill the pastry basket with all your favorite treats like tortes, petit fours, or cakes to share with your friends, or just to devour by yourself.


summer classes2

If you’re the artsy one, you need to try out macramé. Create wall decors, hanging planters, baskets, hammocks, accessories, or bags by simply tying knots. How cool is that? Learn the art of tying a knot and start a macramé project today!


summer classes3

If you’re more of a fashionista, get all your sewing stuff and let your creativity shine. Try studying the art of tailoring. Go ahead. Create the perfect dress with your choice of fabric and the style that really speaks who you are.


summer classes4

If you’re the techie guy, then coding is the one for you. Learn a new language today. I mean, a coding language. Perhaps, Java programming? Instead of you just playing video games, why don’t you just get the codes and start coding awesome apps now?


summer classes5


If you’re a nature-lover, this might be the perfect time you study horticulture or the art of gardening. Start sowing and turn your backyard into a fruit and vegetable farm. Mom would surely be glad to serve only the freshest greens and shorten the grocery list.

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