What future awaits STEM students?

July 19th, 2018

High-tech machines and robots, white lab gowns, and chemicals of different colors bubbling in test tubes and flasks of all sizes—these are all in the playful mind of a seven-year old kid who aspires to become a scientist someday. But beyond cool laboratories, what future awaits a STEM student?

There are two popular perceptions on the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) strand. Some students choose this strand because it is perceived as the gateway to today’s highest-paying jobs. Some students, on the other hand, veer away from this strand as they are intimidated for the reason that STEM—for them—means battling through scientific and mathematical formulae.

Well, STEM truly serves both perceptions. Pursuing this strand means that you need to take up twelve sciences—four of which are mathematics in nature. But what are the challenges of solving science and math problems when you are guaranteed a promising tomorrow of you doing something that matches your mental strengths.

The STEM strand prepares students to a life of building bridges, curing diseases, or revolutionizing the way people work through technology among many others. STEM graduates can enter various fields that are essential and in demand for the development of today’s society which include:

  • Software developers and programmers
  • Doctors and other medical practitioners
  • Agriculturists
  • Environmental scientists
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Science and math educators
  • Statisticians
  • Researchers

These are just a few on the long list of opportunities that await a STEM graduate. The road for STEM scholars—just like the students in the other strands and tracks—may not be easy, but one thing is for sure, hard work, passion, dedication, all the efforts will pay off with a fulfilling career.

If you’re a STEM student and you are worried about your future, then pause and think. You should not get too focused on what the future holds. Focus on how you can make your skills in balancing equations and correctly deciphering algebraic expressions useful instruments for the country’s growth and development.

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