Standardized Testing in the Age of Experience

July 26th, 2018

As students, we go to school in order to study—to learn. Our teachers serve as our guiding light as we journey on to our future. However, each of us think differently. How we process and respond to things vary, and the same goes for our teachers. Every teacher has his or her own method of teaching and his or her own way of evaluating his or her students.

It is in situations like this when standardization becomes a necessity rather than just a precaution or a list of what to do and what not to. One good example is standardized testing.

Through standardized testing, students have a common ground to test and apply what they have learned, and the teachers get to assess and evaluate their students using a tool that allows a more fair approach.

How Standardized Tests Can Affect Education

Standardized test is often characterized as a form of test that is scored using a standard or pre-determined rubric.

In the context of education practice, standardized tests provide objective measurement of data, making the results more reliable and authentic.

Through standardized tests, teachers can assess his or her students’ level of learning in an easier and more reliable way since there is a definite process and methods of evaluating students’ performance.

Revolutionizing Standardized Testing

Being committed to helping the Filipinos become more intelligent through the use of books and technology, Vibal is proud to offer its very own “Vibal Assessment.” This new offering from Vibal is designed to address the needs for standardized testing.

Vibal Assessment is a collection of software functions that automates testing process while securing the integrity of its results. With test management system and Vibal standardized test bank, the teachers have the freedom to choose whether they would like to use a standard or unique set of questionnaires or select from the numerous validated and reliable questions available in Test Bank.

Vibal Assessment is available across all platforms. The teachers can enjoy its use through their PC or mobile devices, providing the teachers with an easier, efficient, and stress-free experience.

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