15 Photo Compositions to Up Your Instagram Gaming

July 27th, 2018

Photography is an art. There is no doubt there.

Photography is defined as the “process of recording permanent images by light projection in light-sensitive materials.” But as much as it is an art, photography is also considered as a science. It is sometimes described as the “science of capturing light” and like any other things, photography has its rules and techniques for it to be good, if not perfect.


In terms of sharing pictures, Instagram has been an open space for everyone, both professional photographers and not. As an amateur, it can sometimes be intimidating whenever we come across captivating photos. But, just because you are not a pro does not mean you cannot produce the same amazing photos that they can.

One way to do this is learn how compositions work in photography.  Here are 15 photography compositions that will help you achieve pro-like photos:


  • Patterns. In photography, repetitive patterns are sometimes considered to be the shot itself.


Photo: Pixabay (Pexels)


  • Symmetry. As defined in the dictionary, symmetry is about balanced proportions and the quality of being made up of exactly similar parts.


Photo: Pixabay (Pexels)


  • Texture. This composition is about the roughness or softness found in the photo. These textures help provide a three-dimensional illusion to the audience.


Photo: Pixabay (Pexels)


  • Lines. Lines, in photography, serve multiple purposes. Horizontal and vertical lines give structure while curved lines provide a more relaxed feel. Moreover, there is also what we call leading lines. Leading lines draw attention towards a specific part of the photo. Most common example of photos that contain leading lines are ones that feature roads or highways.


Photo: morais (Pexels)


  • Shapes. This composition pertains to the interaction of the shapes found in the photo.


Photo: Mikes Photos (Pexels)


  • Depth of Field. In photography, depth of field is about determining which element of the photo is focused and which is blurred.


Photo: Hans (Pixabay)


  • Center of Interest. It is generally believed that the most successful photos are composed around one center of interest.


Photo: Jack Hawley (Pexels)


  • Balance. This is all about the positioning of elements where no part of the photo is too crowded or too empty.

Photo: pxhere


  • Space. This composition is about the negative space in the photo.


Photo: scottwebb (Pixabay)


  • Color Choices. Color is one of the most important element in a photo. As we all know, colors have an ability to elicit emotion. In photography, color choices either create a contrasting or complementing effect to one another.


Photo: Pixabay (Pexels)


  • Black and White. This help detract compositional elements.


Photo: Greyerbaby (Pixabay)


  • Framing. This composition is used to highlight something in the photograph.


Photo: Pixabay (Pexels)


  • Perspective (also called “Point of View (POV)”). This composition creates emphasis on different points of angle.


Photo: Leo Cardelli (Pexels)


  • Movement. This is achieved through proper use of shutter speed. A fast shutter speed can cause a movement to freeze while slow shutter speed can produce motion in the photo.


Photo: Fabrizio Verrecchia (Pexels)


  • Rule of Thirds. This is one of the most (if not the top) basic photo technique but is also one of the most effective. Rule of thirds is about placing the subject at the 3rd space. The third space is located on either one-third of the grid.


Photo: CIngre (Wikimedia Commons)


As you may have noticed, these compositions can be mixed with one another. There are instances where you would find yourself unintentionally having two or more compositions in your photo, so don’t worry if this happens.


There are a lot more to learn about photography besides the compositions. The beauty in it is that you can go technical about it like how you do it when trying to find the value of x and at the same time, be as abstract and expressive as you do when you write.


So the next time you think about posting a photo that is double-tap worthy, try to incorporate the compositions mentioned here and who knows, maybe your photo will be next top trend on Instagram!


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