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Read these books instead of FB posts this June

June 6th, 2017

Step away from your keyboard and take a break from the toxicity of political debate and controversy on social media. This June, with national commemorations happening left and right, the best way to claim your national identity will have to be brushing up on Philippine culture, history, and law. Lucky for you, you don’t even have to step outside of the confines of your house to get the best resources. These five books are available for order online:

More Tsinoy Than We Admit

Edited by Richard T. Chu
With a foreword by Wang Gungwu

More Tsinoy Than We AdmitOf course you know that before the Spaniards even set foot to Philippine shores, precolonial Filipinos have long been conducting trade with Chinese merchants. But how is this long history of interaction between the Philippines and China reflected in Philippine culture? In More Tsinoy Than We Admit, leading scholars explore how Tsinoys have helped shape the destiny of the country for over hundreds of years up to the present day. From revolution against Spain and guerrilla resistance against the Japanese, to nationalism and political upheaval in China; from archaeological records to modern cinema; from society and the nation to family and the individual—these essays lay out the complex reality that Tsinoys have had to navigate.

Recommended date of reading: June 9, Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day

La Oveja de Nathan

By Antonio M. Abad
Translated by Lourdes Brillantes

La Oveja de Nathan

As the War and Peace of Philippine literature, La Oveja de Nathan is a timeless social critique in the form of a novel about the life of Mariano Bontulan, a typesetter in the government printing office, whose patron is a prominent Spanish mestizo and a proud supporter of Philippine annexation to the US. Written by Cebuano Antonio Abad, the novel sweeps across three centuries and three continents, and ends in a Philippines beset by World War I.

Recommended date of reading: June 12, National Independence Day

Lolo José

By Asunción López Bantug
With a preface by Nick Joaquín

Lolo Jose

Forget everything you know about Jose Rizal for a minute, and listen instead as the national hero’s own grandniece, Asunción López Bantug, shares with you the many family stories about her Lolo José. Lavishly illustrated with more than 300 historical photos and reproductions, the book also includes the complete bibliography of Rizal’s visual, literary, and political works, an illustrated chronology of his life, and the Rizal family’s remarkable genealogical chart tracing their Chinese ancestry from the early seventeenth century all the way through five generations of descendants.

Recommended date of reading: June 19, birth anniversary of Jose Rizal

Old Manila, 2nd Edition

By Carlos Quirino
Edited by Ma. Eloisa P. de Castro

Old Manila

Rediscover and fall in love with Manila by tracing its history from the early fourteenth century to the end of the Spanish rule. No mere chronology, Old Manila addresses such varied themes as religion, theater, war, food, pestilence, immigration, crime and punishment, coinage, and art. This new edition contains the original text with enriched visuals—maps, postcards, engravings, sketches, and photographs—making it a comprehensive pictorial record of Manila and its denizens through the centuries.

Recommended date of reading: June 24, Manila Day

Data Privacy & Cybercrime Prevention in the Philippine Digital Age

By Henry Roel Aguda, Maria Francesca Montes, and Bryan Dennis Tiojanco

Data Privacy

Data Privacy & Cybercrime Prevention in the Philippine Digital Age is the first book of its kind in the Philippines. A must-have for government personalities, corporate entities, online publishers, legal experts, IT practitioners, academicians, the book seeks to empower every Filipino by tackling in full detail Republic Acts No. 10173 and 10175, the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, respectively.

Recommended date of reading: Anytime this June because it’s National ICT Month

Brought to you by Vibal Foundation, all of these books are available for purchase at shop.vibalgroup.com. Get your copies now!

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