Teaching Filipino is not easy after all

June 27th, 2017

The subject is deemed “madali lang” and yet many Filipino students find it difficult to converse and write in Filipino. When challenged to talk fluently in the mother tongue, many students would often resort to code-switching. When tasked with writing an essay in Filipino, expert teachers would always encounter issues ranging from poor vocabulary to grammatical errors.

It is precisely because Filipino is often thought of as “madali lang” that many people fail with its application. Ignored and left behind the likes of English, Math, and Science, one may say that the future of Philippine culture is hanging in the balance because of how students today neglect the study of their own native tongue.

How should this issue be resolved? Filipino Magasin Associate Editor Mary Rose Magcamit argues that the change must come from the teacher. In her new article in Filipino Magasin Teacher’s Guide, Magcamit goes on to list tips on how teachers can make the Filipino subject more interesting for students.

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