Are you reading effectively?

July 18th, 2017

Reading is an easy task. The real challenge is retaining the information acquired; that determines effective reading. But how can you ensure that you are reading effectively?

According to writer, editor, and educator Aldrin Nepomuceno, effective reading is not as simple as knowing the contents of an article, but rather fully grasping its idea. In his essay “Effective Reading Strategies to Bear in Mind,” Nepomuceno gives tips on how anyone can become an effective reader and develop his pace in perusing texts.

One of the ways through which readers can develop good reading skills is by knowing the difference between skimming and scanning. Skimming is when one reads in haste to get the gist of the text. Scanning refers to the act of only looking for a particular part of the text while disregarding the rest, a method preferred by those who are already effective readers. Developing these skills and executing them properly ultimately proves beneficial.

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