Do We Really Need Books for Tech-Voc?

January 23rd, 2018

We know for a fact that producing globally competitive graduates is one of the reasons behind the implementation of the K to 12 program. Continuous innovation and development happening all around the world demand more competent individuals in the labor force; thus, a need for holistic learning that will equip students with the proper skills and knowledge.

The K to 12 goal is simple enough: to produce Filipino graduates equipped for whatever they choose to pursue in life, be it an academic, artistic, athletic, or even a vocational path. When a student sets out to become a tradesman and is in fact suited for the life of one, the university option becomes unnecessary anyway. To become job-ready, the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) track is envisioned to provide anyone the required tools and skills to conquer information and communications technology, agriculture, and livelihood.

But in this skills-based learning environment, some educators wonder if there is room for a book shelf. The question is this: if the TVL track trains students through application, would textbooks on TVL courses still be beneficial? Do textbooks have roles to play in TVL? Or should reading be left to those pursuing the academic choice?

The Case For Textbooks

Just as soldiers are trained before they could fight in the battlefield, every student must be given proper guidance in order to learn how to think analytically, make wise decisions, and perform tasks skillfully and competently in the real world. For soldiers, intelligence reports back up their strategies. For TVL students, the theoretical background that a good book provides allows for a deeper understanding of how certain subjects or skills work. A theoretical understanding of agricultural, technical, and livelihood concepts aids students, not just in execution, but in solving potential crises in their chosen careers.

It’s true that one textbook, on its own, may not effectively foster the necessary skills to become an expert agriculturist or Java programmer, but no one can question the fact that theory, hand-in-hand with application, will produce a master. After all, it is the theoretical understanding of things that develop critical thinking, which more often than not spells success.

Textbooks also help teachers keep to the curriculum set by the Department of Education. Good textbooks designed specifically for the TVL track with Filipino learners in mind ultimately facilitate learning and draw the line between good and great tradesmen.

Vibal’s TechVoc Series

This understanding of the TVL track and the students’ need for enhanced learning are the reasons behind Vibal’s TVL Senior High (SHS) book series. In addition to the earlier Core, Academic, and Applied Track SHS books, Vibal’s TVL books are designed in full consideration of theory, application, and pedagogy of education. Each Vibal TVL textbook is authored by an expert academician with actual experience in the field. Be it the Information and Communications Technology strand, Agri-fishery Arts, or Home Economics, Vibal has a textbook for every instructor and every learner.

Vibal’s textbooks are highly based on the curriculum guide set by the Department of Education. Each content is carefully studied to ensure that it meets the standard learning competencies. Vibal editors devote their time in reviewing each page to guarantee that books are information-rich, learner-centered, and reader-friendly.

After 64 years in the game, Vibal knows that learning materials are not just products for profit. Effective textbooks enhance learning, improve the quality of education, and in turn improve our society. Like generals and officers who deploy soldiers in the battlefield, Vibal strives to arm students not with weapons, but with the proper knowledge and skills that will safeguard their positions in the competitive working world.

Here are 10 new Tech-Voc titles:

Home Economics

  • Tailoring 2
  • Caregiving 2
  • Food and Beverage Services
  • Local Guiding Services
  • Macramé Handicraft

Information and Communications Technology

  • Illustration
  • Java Programing

Agri-Fishery Arts

  • Fish Port Operations

Industrial Arts Specialization

  • Domestic Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Servicing
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding

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