Aflame with God’s Love 8

Sr. Rhea Castillo, OP, Joseph Serpa Juan, and Pilar I. Romero, PhD (author-editor)

Aflame with God’s Love Series aims to communicate Christ and the life-giving message through “New Evangelization” which the students can be helped through the response of faith and love. The message embraces doctrine, morals, and worship. The Christian Message presented in the series is firmly grounded directly on Scriptures, Church Teachings and Human Experience. The basic elements of faith: Doctrine, Moral and Worship are integrated with one another. Aflame with God’s Love is grounded in the Word of God which helps in an inculturated manner . It shows link to the real life situations in which the textbook series showed in “Testing the Understanding.” Aflame with God’s Love brings a renewed understanding of the Catholic Faith.  It aims to communicate to readers an encounter with Jesus Christ and to make them participate in reading, praying, and having the essence of mission through the power of the Gospel.

  • Helps students see God’s message through scripture, Church teachings, and their own daily lives
  • Challenges students through testing and assessment to nurture God’s message
  • Follows the guidelines set by the National Catechetical Directory 2007 pertaining to Religion Textbooks