Good at Heart, Good in Mind 3

Maria Myrna C Barranta, Flordelyn T. Umagat, Maria Lina E. Olalde, and Nenita I. de Vega (author-editor)

Good at Heart, Good in Mind (K to 10) Series is an instructional material for Character Education, which aims to help students become good at heart (in the multi-dimensional sense of moral maturity) and good in mind (in the multi-dimensional sense of intelligence). The framework of this series is intricately aligned with DepEd’s 2016 Learning Competencies for Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao. It endeavors to develop among the learners the following hallmarks:

  • Knowing the good. The students develop the mind by using a combination of higher faculties of the mind, like the higher reason, imagination, intuition, judgment, and more.
  • Desiring the good. The students are able to develop ingrained ways of seeing, being, and responding to life that involve their minds and emotions.
  • Doing the good. The students develop the integral work of the heart and mind, like inquiry, perspective, reflection, action, and others which combine other attributes of knowing and desiring the good.