Health-Optimizing Physical Education (HOPE) 4: Recreational Activities

Marivic Tolitol, Anna Maria S. Mangubat, Stella Marie Urbiztondo, Lordinio Vergara

The main focus of Health-Optimizing Physical Education (HOPE) 4 is on recreational activities that are very popular among the youth today. Recreational activities include participating in fun runs, jogging, walking, cycling, as well as hiking, mountain climbing, and surfing. This book shows how these seemingly everyday activities can help one achieve a healthy lifestyle and become physically fit. Each chapter is equipped with valuable information on how one can prepare physically and mentally before participating in a recreational activity. Measures on risk mitigation are incorporated to underline the importance of safety, especially in outdoor settings. A step-by-step guide in trip planning will show how one can enjoy the outdoors safely without disturbing the natural surroundings.