Living with MAPEH 9

Pamela Rose S. Sumera, Laya Boquiren, Jo-ann G. Grecia, Conrado S. Contreras Jr., and Mark Kenneth S. Camiling

Living with MAPEH is a new textbook series covering the subject areas Music, Art, Physical Education, and Health for Junior High School. It was developed by a select group of educator authors following the prescribed competencies of the K to 12 program of the Department of Education. It makes use of modern teaching and learning strategies and techniques that will motivate young individuals to participate in activities intended to develop not only their cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills but also their higher-order thinking skills. Following the 4A’s framework (Activity, Analysis, Abstraction, and Application), each lesson contains these elements in addition to the discussion:

  • Warming Up that provides activities to check prior knowledge
  • Let’s Process provokes deeper probing into concepts through questions
  • Essential Questions/Critical Ideas that aid in the processing of concepts, principles, and other informortation
  • Making Meaning that helps expand student’s vocabulary while reinforcing lesson compression
  • Checking Learning and Deepening Understanding that helps to assess learning in three ways: pen-and-paper tests, teacher-guided classroom activities, and exploratory activities outside the classroom
  • Wrapping Up that summarizes the important points in the lesson information
  • Looking Back that provides a self-check tool to assess one’s progress
  • Musical Notes/Art Journal/Fitness Log/Health-Check that provide reflection activities at the end each lesson