We Celebrate God’s Love (K-12) – ARC 2

We Celebrate God’s Love K to 10 is more than just an instructional material, it is a valuable resource for integral faith formation. The goal of the series is to be the students’ steady companion on their faith journey, a treasure trove of answers to their faith questions, and a powerful boost to their growth in faith. The lifespan of the series goes beyond the learners’ years in school as it focuses on the eternal word of Jesus Christ.

  • Largely based on the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines’ (CEAP) K to 12 religious education curriculum
  • Establishes a perfect synergy between the requisites of an effective pedagogy in faith and the demands for a vibrant resource material anchored on the principle of active learning
  • Meticulously observes the triple fidelities: fidelity to God, fidelity to the Church, and fidelity to the human person
  • Provides activities that engender a sense of responsibility among the learners
  • Contains interactive and modern features that allows students to experience what they are reading